So you’ve decided to get married and you want a wedding photographer that will capture your wedding not only in a unique way – but in a way that truly reflects you as a couple! 

If your looking for boring wedding portraits where you stand in a straight line all facing forward, then I’m definitley not the girl for you!  

However, if your love story has a little (or a lot) of passion, and is full of personality and humour then you can guarantee I’m the wedding photographer of your dreams.

The first stage of our relationship begins with cuppa and a chat where we talk all about you as a couple, your wedding plans and everything in between. Getting to know the real “you” is my top priority.

After all – you want photos that reflect the real you, don’t you?   



So it’s finally your wedding day and this is it. The day is finally here to see how everything has all pulled together. Now what?  I bet you’d like to know what happens where, who does what and most importantly, who’s holding the Prosecco?  

As a well established wedding photographer in Swansea, I’ve documented my fair share of weddings across most of the best wedding venues Swansea has to offer. My blended approach to wedding photography means that I don’t miss a trick when it comes to capturing everything that happens on the day. I will blend in with your guests, I will be on hand to help the bridesmaids with anything they need, and I can even keep the rowdiest of groomsmen in check long enough for the speeches to run smoothly. 

My blended approach means that I will blend in with your guests making everyone feel relaxed allowing for the most natural photos that truly reflect you and your wedding. 




special moments


As wonderful as weddings are, they can also be very intense too. I give you until your wedding breakfast before your jaw is aching from smiling constantly and talking to all your friends and family that have travelled from all over to celebrate your wedding with you. 

Next thing you know, its been 3 hours and you haven’t seen or spoken to your new husband or wife? And no I’m not kidding! Meeting and greeting everyone on your wedding is hard work and you can guarantee you will want a cheeky escape for half an hour on your own. 

Thats where I come in. And when I say alone, I mean me too. The three of us. Together! I will whisk you both away for some fresh air and alone time allowing for you to just stop for a moment and truly enjoy each others company without any distractions. 

I will use this opportunity to create some truly breathtaking portraits of you both, which I guarantee will make you cry happy tears when you see them.

Simple portraits stripped right back to show your true emotion and connection for each other. 




If all of that sounds like a little bit of you, then I’d love to chat about your plans. I think it’s really important that you actually ‘LIKE’ your wedding photographer, as they will be responsible for documenting your entire wedding. 

In 5,10,20 or even 50 years time, the only thing you will have left from your wedding day will be each other and your wedding photos. 

If you dont want to look back and regret your wedding photos, send me a message and we can start the process of me becoming your third wheel. 

Want epic pictures? Then let's Hook Up!

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love Elicia xoxo