Am I the perfect match?

You’re getting married and sh*t just got real, am I right? 


Whether you knew it was coming or they completely took you by surprise, one thing’s for sure: you got a lotta planning to do.

Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’ve already found a fun-loving, party-centric, colourful, creative, AWESOME Swansea wedding photographer for the big day. 

So, y’know. Tick.


Let me do my thing!

You know when you’re at a wedding, and you’re rounded up for group photos, and the photographer suggests that  you do a “few fun ones”? They want you to jump in the air at the same time, throw peace signs, pull funny faces, that kinda nonsense? 


Yeah. I won’t do that!


I don’t need to do that because South Wales weddings are already the most brilliant, fun, raucous days…we don’t need to fake the fun. Especially not in your group portraits which I tend to keep informal and relaxed rather than rigid and boring. When was the last time you saw every single member of your family standing in a straight line having a conversation? Exactly. It’s not natural. 




special moments

Time to drink too much and dance ‘til you drop

Weddings are a brilliant, vivid example of humanity at its best, and I love it when a couple thinks outside the box. I’ll throw myself into your wedding with enthusiasm and joy. I’ll be everywhere and nowhere: I won’t be in the way, but I’ll still be at the heart of the action. Think of me as an extra bridesmaid but with a few cameras! I tend to favour a reportage-style of photography – which is a fancy way of saying it’s documentary style. I’ll tell your story as it unfolds: no asking you to pose cheekily, no bossing you around, nothing unnatural or stiff. It’ll be fun, human and beautiful. 


My work tends to attract couples who love a good time. Yes, the ceremony’s really important, but the bit you’re really looking forward to is the party. My couples tend to be creative, fun-loving and laid-back. They don’t sweat the small stuff and always have a ball on their wedding day. 



Ready for a photographer that matches your vibe?

love Elicia xoxo


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