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Professional third wheel, Expert cake eater and awful dancer!




Let’s get one thing straight…

I’m gonna eat a piece of your wedding cake. It’s happening. 

I know, but it’s better you know now. I consider it a perk of the job and am becoming quite the connoisseur when it comes to wedding sponges. 

I bloody love my job.  As an ex Police Officer, I can hands down say that photography is the best job in the world! For me, when it comes to weddings it’s not just about turning up, snapping the shots and going home. Any muppet can do that. I understand the trust being placed in me on a wedding day and I  love working with my amazing clients to get the VERY BEST wedding photos.

It’s the same when working with your baby too – it is the most precious thing in the world that you don’t want to hand over to just anybody: in both instances you only have a small window of time to get those properly magical images.  

I’m a typical Welsh girl: I love a good party and have an angelic singing voice (ten points for guessing which of those is pure bullsh*t). No, I can’t sing. But I do take a beautiful photograph. As well as weddings, I use my awesome home studio in Swansea to host newborn and family photo shoots and being a mum of two myself, I know exactly how to get the very best out of my littlest subjects. 

As well as my two babies (who aren’t really babies anymore) who go by Leyla and Charlie, we also have a 3rd baby – my Cockapoo Floki. We live in glorious Swansea: a truly immense part of South Wales that holds a very real place in my heart. You can see all of humanity in an hour while sat on one of Swansea’s beaches. 

You’d be amazed how important it is to actually like your wedding or newborn photographer. No, really. When it’s your newborn you’re trusting me with, you’re handing me the most precious thing in the world for a few minutes, relying on me to capture something delicate and fleeting. 

For weddings, you’re trusting me to understand the mood of your wedding day, get who you both are as people and hang out with all your friends and family on the most exciting day of your life. 

But don’t worry. You’re gonna love me.

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