You’re pregnant, and now the search begins to find the best Newborn Photographer Swansea has to offer! With so many choices and information overload – choosing the right newborn photographer can be a difficult task, but hopefully I can put your mind at ease.

I’m a young, fun loving mum who loves working with modern mums and new babies. I’m one of the top newborn photographers in the Swansea, South Wales area and with good reason: I just “get” working with new mums and tiny babies. My relaxed approach means that my newborn shoots are always a chilled and memorable experience and I always produce stunning, simple photography that other mums love.

I’m definitely not the cheapest photographer in Swansea, but as a newborn expert specializing in safety, and years of experience  I  guarantee a safe space for baby and images that will inspire envy in every other mum you show them to!  Newborn sessions should ideally take place between 5-21 days old and with such a short timeframe to capture these timeless images, can you afford to have images that you don’t LOVE?

As my own mum used to be so fond of saying: buy cheap, buy twice…you know what I’m saying. 



Booked our newborn photoshoot with Elicia, she is an absolute natural with children! Very professional & friendly. Photo’s were ready in less than a week, of a high standard and quality and the price is affordable and reasonable. Thank you so much, will most definitely be back! Highly recommended! Thank you so much for capturing our special moments



I have a dedicated newborn photography studio in Swansea: A calming, soothing, awesome corner of the world where I work with newborns and new mums to capture some heart-melting shots that’ll move you to tears again and again.

The term “newborn” covers babies aged 5-21 days old, so I recommend booking around your 20 week scan to avoid disappointment as sessions are extremely limited.







20 digital images with print release 

(10) 10″ x 8″ beautiful prints  

hd slideshow of your imageS 

£100 voucher towards ANY WALL ART 

Free Sitter Session worth £199




7 digital images with print release

(5) 10″ x 8″ beautiful matching prints

hd slideshow of your imageS





3 digital images with print release


My newborn sessions always take place in my Swansea Photography studio on weekday mornings.

It’s lush: full of natural light and soft music. You and baby will be in excellent hands of a trained newborn photographer, which means I know how to gently move or handle newborns without disturbing them too much.

It’s a fun, relaxing few hours of cuddles and (mostly) napping.

I’ve yet to have a newborn who stayed awake for the full session!



I’m so glad we booked our newborn session with Elicia. We made sure we researched before booking and we were impressed with her attention to detail and baby’s safety. Elicia was so gentle with our baby and made sure baby was safe throughout the whole session. Elicia is the only newborn photographer you should consider. We are so happy!



After I’ve had a chance to work my magic in the editor’s seat, I’ll invite you back to have a little browse through some beautiful photos of baby.

Then you can choose which photos you like, although I already know that you’re going to love them ALL and we can discuss which package best works for you. 

This will also be the time to choose from any of the stunning wall art pieces you’d like for your home. 

Framed Wall Art


Framed Canvas


Modern Acrylic

A baby! Who knew something so small could make so much noise? Or steal so much of your sleep? Or make you question your life decisions every single day?

Kidding. Babies are the best and a newborn photo shoot is a gorgeous way to remember them as they are, capturing their little button noses, and dinky fingers and toes before they grow into mardy teenagers who answer back. You’ll never have this time with them again and there’s something quite jarring about that idea when you sit down and think about it. But don’t panic, as one of Swansea’s leading newborn photographers your baby will be in safe hands. 

But did you know that any Tom, Dick or Harry can pick up a camera and call themselves a newborn photographer? Not many people know that you can (and should) be a trained newborn photographer. As in, you can have specific training in how to safely handle and get the best out of newborn babies as photography subjects. When you are handing your precious new baby over to someone – you’d like to think that they are experienced and know what their doing! You’ll be glad to know that I am fully insured and have been trained by award-winning industry leaders. I am a thoroughly experienced newborn photographer and I’m so humbled that my lovely clients trust me with their newborn babies. If you’d like to read more about newborn safety, I’ve written an article here.


When should I book newborn photos?

Around your 20 week scan. I’ll put you in the diary for your due date, and once baby is born you then let me know and we reschedule the session for when baby is between 4-21 days old.

What if baby comes early or is late?

Don’t worry – I only take on a limited amount of newborn babies each month to allow for early and late deliveries.

How old should my baby be?

4-21 days old is the ‘prime’ time for newborn photos as at this stage they are still very sleepy and are easier to pose. But if you’ve missed this timeframe – don’t panic. Get in touch with me and we will tailor a session specifically for your baby.

How long does a session take?

Anywhere from 2-4 hours. The sessions are all done at baby’s pace – leaving lots of time for feeds and extra cuddles.

What do I do during the session?

You are under strict orders to sit back and relax. make the most of putting your feet up during our session and enjoy a hot cuppa while I do all the work.

What products do you offer?

You’ll be able to see a selection of products on display at my Swansea photography studio during your session.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you’re bottle feeding please bring plenty of formula with you. Baby’s tend to feed more than usual during their newborn photography session. Please also bring a sterile dummy. These can help settle baby while we transition them through different poses. Don’t worry if your breastfeeding or not using a dummy – they are used for a very short time during the session and will not cause any confusion to baby.

Can my partner, other children and myself join the baby for photos?


Still have questions? 

If you still need more info then please send me a message below

To Guarantee availability i highly recommend booking around your 20 week scan!

07375 858186

love Elicia xoxo



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