Precious, aren’t they? Your newborn baby is here and you want to show the world how beautiful your newborn baby is.

Unfortunately, newborn photography is not a regulated industry. This means that you could be handing your baby over to someone who isn’t trained in newborn safety when posing, nor are they likely to be insured. You can trust that I am a fully trained newborn photographer, and I take baby’s safety very seriously. I am fully insured, and I guarantee a safe setting for your delicate newborn!

 My dedicated photography studio in Swansea is perfectly tailored for newborn sessions, meaning that baby is warm, safe and spoilt with the best cuddle expert in town! Meaning that you actually get to sit back, relax and finish a cuppa while its still hot! If baby needs changing – don’t worry I’ll take care of it. If baby is unsettled and needs feeding – I’ll do that too, unless you’re breastfeeding – I can’t do that for you!


I want you to enjoy your newborn photography session in the most relaxing environment possible – knowing that your baby is in safe hands.






Booked our newborn photoshoot with Elicia, she is an absolute natural with children! Very professional & friendly. Photo’s were ready in less than a week, of a high standard and quality and the price is affordable and reasonable. Thank you so much, will most definitely be back! Highly recommended! Thank you so much for capturing our special moments



It’s time to secure your due date in the diary to guarantee a newborn photography session. As babies rarely come on their actual due dates, I only take a few bookings per month to allow for early and late arrivals. Booking your due date in around your 20 week scan is advisable to avoid disappointment. I promise that your baby will be in the safest hands, and I give the best baby cuddles in Swansea. 



(redeemable from one of the packages below)


3 digital images with print release

(3)  7″ x 5″ beautiful matching prints




7 digital images with print release

(5) 7″ x 5″ beautiful matching prints




all digital images with print release

(10) 7″ x 5″ beautiful prints 

hd slideshow of your images

£50 voucher towards babies next session helping you document babies first year. 




After your session I will edit your precious newborn gallery, making sure that they are perfect! 

Then its time to come into the studio to see your photos for the first time. I’ll show you all the edited images, and together we can select your favourite photos from your newborn gallery and products to purchase. Having a newborn baby is such a special moment and I’m sure you will want to display these photos proudly in your home for years to come. I will help you choose which products suit your home, ensuring that your artwork is displayed in the best way possible.

Don’t panic! – I am not a sales person and I cringe at the thought of hard sales. All orders are made to fit around your budget and you can relax with a cuppa while you make your selection knowing that there is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything.  

Once you’ve made your selection, my highly skilled craftsmen will create your products, and they’ll be ready to collect soon. I’m already excited to see how you choose to display your memories in your home!




I’m so glad we booked our newborn session with Elicia. We made sure we researched before booking and we were impressed with her attention to detail and baby’s safety. Elicia was so gentle with our baby and made sure baby was safe throughout the whole session. Elicia is the only newborn photographer you should consider. We are so happy!



Your newborn baby’s first few weeks of life are too precious to be forgotten about on a USB that gets left in a draw. These are the moments that you will want to remember forever. Their tiny newborn fingers and toes, little button noses and squishy faces. 

Do you remember flickering through old family photo albums as a child? Learning all about your family and the moments in the photographs and being able to feel the emotion as you touched the paper turning page by page?

Unless we invest in printing our memories our children won’t experience the same feelings we did. I don’t think that passing a USB down to the next generation will have the same sentimental value compared to a physical photo you can hold in your hands or place on your walls. I massively believe we should ALL be printing our images and displaying them PROUDLY in our homes!

I can help your choose the best way to display your images in your home, creating an environment that will tell the story of you and your family.



The products I offer are created by hand, by skilled craftsmen ensuring your legacy is unique and meaningful. You will be amazed at the feeling of physically holding your portraits for the first time as you appreciate the quality and clarity of your portraits, I promise that the value of your printed products will only increase over time! I offer a wide range of products from small prints to traditional and modern wall art from canvases to large wall displays!

When should I book newborn photos?

Around your 20 week scan. I’ll put you in the diary for your due date, and once baby is born you then let me know and we reschedule the session for when baby is between 4-21 days old.

What if baby comes early or is late?

Don’t worry – I only take on a limited amount of newborn babies each month to allow for early and late deliveries.

How old should my baby be?

4-21 days old is the ‘prime’ time for newborn photos as at this stage they are still very sleepy and are easier to pose. But if you’ve missed this timeframe – don’t panic. Get in touch with me and we will tailor a session specifically for your baby.

How long does a session take?

Anywhere from 2-4 hours. The sessions are all done at baby’s pace – leaving lots of time for feeds and extra cuddles.

What do I do during the session?

You are under strict orders to sit back and relax. make the most of putting your feet up during our session and enjoy a hot cuppa while I do all the work.

What products do you offer?

You’ll be able to see a selection of products on display at my Swansea photography studio during your session.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you’re bottle feeding please bring plenty of formula with you. Baby’s tend to feed more than usual during their newborn photography session. Please also bring a sterile dummy. These can help settle baby while we transition them through different poses. Don’t worry if your breastfeeding or not using a dummy – they are used for a very short time during the session and will not cause any confusion to baby.

Can my partner, other children and myself join the baby for photos?



love Elicia xoxo



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