So 2020 has been the longest 3 years of my life so far!


Corona – or as I like to call her ‘the most depressing shit storm ever encountered’ has impacted lots of us in different ways. For me it has meant closing the doors on my business and putting my cameras away, without knowing how long this shit storm would last for. However on the other hand – I have been so lucky to spend so much quality time with my little ones that I am forever grateful at the same time, as without realising it – I really needed to switch off and spend some much needed quality time with my loved ones. It really has been very bitter – sweet.

I know that lots of babies have had to miss out on meeting grandparents and are also waiting to be introduced to the dozens of new friends that have been promoted to ‘Auntie’ just because they’ are one of mums best friends! As lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease – I can only imagine the happy vibes surrounding your families as little ones are re-united with their grandparents/aunts/uncles.


Under the guidelines issued by the Welsh Government – photography studios have been given the green light to re-open whilst maintaining social distancing, and from the 13th July we can open while wearing PPE for closer contact sessions. Honestly this makes my heart happy that I am finally able to create some gorgeous memories for my lovely clients and their babies.

After re-scheduling my postponed sessions – JULY 2020 is now fully booked! I have only a few August sessions available, with September onwards starting to fill up gradually. If you are looking to book a session, then I recommend you contacting me ASAP as availability is very limited.

How will you keep the studio safe?

Anyone that follows me on social media will know that I am over the top obsessed with safety. The studio will only be open for sessions a few days a week, making sure that there is a full 24hours in between sessions. This will give me enough time to get the marigolds on and deep clean the studio between each little visitor, making sure that everything has been disinfected.

All blankets will be washed and all props will be disinfected between use – I have always done this anyway so no change here!

Hand sanitiser will be available at the studio as always, and you will see me using this regularly throughout the session and I will also be wearing PPE too, making sure that any risks are minimised as much as possible. I may look like an idiot in my PPE, but its totally worth boiling under a mask at 100°C if it means keeping everyone safe.

How will we be affected?

On entering the studio, I will be asking everyone to remove outdoor footwear, and you will need to sanitise your hands.

I wont be offering any hot drinks or snacks, which is a shame because I’m such a feeder – but there will be bottled water available.

For newborn sessions, if you wanted baby to have photos with an older sibling this is still totally doable. But to reduce the amount of people in the studio at any one time – older siblings will need to be brought to the studio towards the end of the session and we will do the sibling and family portraits at the end.

Thank You

I just wanted to finish off by saying a big thank you to all of my lovely clients that have continued to support me during Covid-19. I know that sessions have had to be postponed a little longer than any of us would have liked, but your safety has always been the top of my priorities. Im very grateful to everyone that has been so understanding and willing to continue supporting me.

Lots of Love

Liss xx


Safety trained and insured newborn specialist photographer Swansea.

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